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Procreate FAQ

What's the latest version of Procreate?

The current version of Procreate for iPad is 5.3.6. It requires iPadOS 15.4.1 or newer to install.

Is Procreate supported on my iPad?

The current version of Procreate is supported on the following iPad models:

  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generation)

  2. iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation)

  3. iPad Pro 10.5-inch

  4. iPad Pro 9.7-inch

  5. iPad (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th generation)

  6. iPad mini (5th and 6th generation)

  7. iPad mini 4

  8. iPad Air (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation)

  9. iPad Air 2

What languages are supported in Procreate?

Procreate is available in English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Thai, and Traditional Chinese. If you're running version 5.3.5 or later, you'll also be able to use Procreate in Indonesian and Malay.

How do I use Procreate?

You should first check out our Beginners Series , a collection of short videos developed specifically for users that have never used Procreate. If you want to deep-dive into particular features, then refer to the Procreate Handbook and check out our Learn to Procreate Series . You can also contact our Support Team for any questions you may have.

How do I update Procreate?

To update Procreate, open the App Store and tap on your profile picture in the top right to access your Account menu. You’ll see a list of updates available. Tap the Update button next to Procreate to update the app. If you're not sure whether your app is up to date, open your copy of Procreate and, in the Gallery, tap the Procreate logo in the top left corner to view your app’s version number.

Why can't I download Procreate?

Many of the additions and changes in the latest version of Procreate are based on the latest iPadOS technologies. If you have problems updating Procreate, make sure your iPadOS version is up to date.

Can I use 3D objects from the Procreate Model pack for my own work to sell online?

The 3D objects in the downloadable Procreate Model pack are not available for any form of commercial use. You are welcome to paint on them and share your work on social media, but you cannot use any of the Model pack objects for your own licensing or sale. This includes any and all private or commercial sales.

Where has layer opacity gone?

We removed layer opacity from Adjustments in Procreate 5X. But, you can still adjust opacity on the Layer itself. Do this by either tapping two fingers on the layer or tapping Blending Mode on the layer.

Can I create 3D models with Procreate?

In Procreate 5.2 you can paint on imported 3D models, but you can’t create your own 3D models in Procreate.

What accessibility features does Procreate have?

Learn everything about Procreate’s accessibility features and how to use them in the product handbook .

Why don’t I have hover on my iPad?

Hover works exclusively on the iPad Pro 12.9” (6th generation) and iPad Pro 11” (4th generation). You will also need an Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

Still have questions?

If you didn't find what you're looking for, explore our video resources on YouTube or contact us directly. We’re always happy to help.