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Guides can help you develop perspective or aid in building the structure of your artwork.

Choose a Drawing Guide

Procreate Pocket has various types of guides to choose from, plus settings for each. You can also turn Assisted Drawing on and off from Guides and Layers.

Under Modify > Actions > Guides you will find four types of drawing guides. Each guide is designed to assist your work in different ways. They’re explored in-depth in the Drawing Guides and Assistance section of this handbook.

Drawing guides appear as thin overlay lines on your artwork. Change the appearance of guides by selecting the type of guide you want and then Settings.


The most basic form of guide is the square 2D Grid. This guide is perfect for flat 2D style of drawing that requires 90º angles and straight lines such as house plans and simple maps.

Tap Modify > Actions > Guides > 2D Grid to activate your 2D Grid.

Find out more in Drawing Guides & Assistance - 2D Grid .

A triangular grid ideal for building 3D shapes without any foreshortening of perspective. Isometric is a perfect guide for technical illustrations.

To activate tap Modify > Actions > Guides > Isometric.

Find out more in Drawing Guides & Assistance - Isometric .

A guide ideal for building 3D shapes with vanishing points with one-point, two-point, or three-point perspective.

To activate Perspective tap Modify > Actions > Guides > Perspective and then set the type of perspective you want in Settings.

Find out more in Drawing Guides & Assistance - Perspective

The Symmetry guide is different from the other guides as it mirrors your strokes either horizontally, vertically, across a quadrant, or radially. Symmetry can help you easily create reflected shapes, tiled designs, and patterns.

To activate tap Modify > Actions > Guides > Symmetry.

Find out more in Drawing Guides & Assistance - Symmetry .

Turning on Drawing Assist will make your strokes follow the angles, perspectives or mirroring of your chosen guide.

To activate and deactivate tap Modify > Actions > Guides > Drawing Assist.

Find out more in Drawing Guides & Assistance - Drawing Assist .

Pro Tip

You can also activate Drawing Assist quickly in Layers by tapping your activated layer and selecting Drawing Assist.

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