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QuickShape snaps hand-drawn lines and shapes into perfect forms in the blink of an eye.

Create QuickShape

Draw a line or shape, and keep your finger held on the canvas.

After a moment, QuickShape will invoke automatically. Your stroke will ‘snap’ into a perfect line, arc, poly-line, ellipse, triangle, or quadrilateral shape.

Snap to Perfect Form

If the shape you create is unequal, keep holding it, and place a second finger on the canvas. Doing this turns a rectangle into a square, an oval into a circle, or an uneven triangle into an equilateral one.

Scale and Rotate

To scale or rotate a shape you’ve made, don’t lift your finger from the canvas yet. Keep holding, and drag to adjust the scale and rotation of your shape or line.

Magnetic Rotate

To rotate your shape in precise increments, hold a second finger on the canvas while dragging your shape. This will allow you to rotate the shape in fifteen-degree increments.

Edit QuickShape

When you release your shape, the Edit Shape button will appear in the notification bar at the top of the canvas.

If you don’t want to edit, continue painting, or tap anywhere to dismiss the button.

To edit your shape, tap the Edit Shape button to enter QuickShape Edit mode.

Edit Shape

In Edit Shape mode, the available options are determined by your initial shape. These appear as buttons in the notification bar.


In Edit Shape mode, transform nodes appear on your shape. These allow you more precise control. Drag a node to adjust that part of your shape.

To scale your shape uniformly, drag the shape itself at any location between the nodes.


When you’re done, tap anywhere on the canvas to exit Edit Shape mode.


Take control of your tools with customizable shortcuts.

For even finer control over QuickShape, navigate to Actions > Prefs > Gesture Controls > QuickShape.

Here you can set up and adjust many touch and Pencil shortcuts and settings to integrate QuickShape into your workflow.

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